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Further Developments

Paul Schatz viewed the rhythmical motion of inversion, which he had discovered, as offering a fundamentally new approach to technology. Today, much of his pioneering work has been developed and applied in practice, but far more has remained undeveloped as (mere) idea, plan and hope for the future.

The Paul Schatz Foundation wants to return to this pioneering work and make it fruitful for the future. In particular, it is important to develop further Paul Schatz's approach to water purification, which occupied him greatly in his later years. One example of this activity is provided by OLOID AG (founded 1994, CH-4053 Basel, Switzerland) which has successfully developed and marketed an Oloid mechanism as a water treatment system.

The Foundation also intends to support other innovative technical developments which involve inversion technology.


Oloid 400 at work in a municipal sewage plant