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The Inversina

Mixing, Grinding and Polishing

His discovery of these inversions, also led Paul Schatz to develop a new, basic kinematic movement: an inversion in space expanding the traditional theory of kinematics based on rotation and translation by a new and important element.

The first practical application of the inversion movement was the "Turbula", a mixing machine (manufactured and distributed by Willy A. Bachofen AG, CH - 4005 Basel), which achieved global acclaim within technical and industrial circles due to its efficient, rapid, and at the same time gentle mixing technique.

Today, the Turbula, and its competing product "Inversina" (manufactured and distributed by Bioengineering AG, CH - 8636 Wald) are used for grinding and polishing processes in containers of up to 500 l in addition to the original mixing processes. The reason is simple: the tumbling motion inherent in the structure of the cube is not uniform but rhythmically pulses instead. With many applications, this has proved to be superior to the traditionally used rotary movement.