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Tasks and Objectives

The Paul Schatz Foundation is a rather remarkable organization. As such it not only administers, manages and mediates, but also develops and makes accessible the legacy of the inventor, artist and technician PAUL SCHATZ (1898 – 1979). The discovery of the possibility to evert, that is to turn inside out, all platonic bodies, and thereby emerging new shape or body which he called the Oloid belong to his greatest achievements.

Furthermore, the foundation understands itself as a promoter of creative thinking processes. Thus, besides dedicating itself to the historical body of work, it also works towards the development of future technologies, in particular rhythmic machinery which operate according to the laws of eversion. By disseminating information, holding seminars, mounting exhibitions and giving guided tours, as well as presenting publications and model objects, the foundation offers multiple ways to learn about a new genial kind of spatial forms and to experience space in a creative way.

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