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Paul Schatz. The Study of Rhythms and Technology.
The Evertible Cube. Polysomatic Form-Finding.

156 pages, more than 200 illustrations, 24 x 28 cm, Softcover with flaps,
CHF 58.–, Euro (D) 46.–, Euro (A) 47.30.
ISBN 978-3-7212-0886-3


The world can be turned inside out. The world has rhythm. This perspective of wood sculptor, technician and inventor Paul Schatz offers whole new viewpoints. He succeeded in creating a technology which brings the laws and rhythms of nature in line. Schatz’s journey of discovery leads to stunning developments in design, in the perception of the geometric and architectural space, and to a new art of mechanical engineering. Oloids and cuboids are forms that are intriguing in their beauty. Turbula and Inversina mixers are used for industrial purposes while the oloid has proved very useful in water and environmental engineering. The book presents a life’s work that hasn’t suffered a loss of currency. The Study of Rhythms and Technology bridges the gap between art and natural sciences and offers inspiration for the work of philosophers and practitioners alike.

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Invertible Cube Model Kit

Nothing beats the satisfying experience of trying things out for yourself, of experimenting. This model kit is highly recommended to anybody interested in understanding how this initially ''mysterious'' solid is made - all you need is scissors, glue and a measure of patience.

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