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The Oloid

Paul Schatz used his cuboid solids to develop the movements of the Invertible Cube. One of them is the Oloid, which became the object of Swiss Patent no 500,000 as a «device to generate a tumbling motion».

If the Oloid rolls down a slightly inclined surface, you will be able to perceive the typical, rhythmically pulsing movement in a novel way.

The Oloid offers a wide range of practical applications e.g. for water treatment and clarification, as a means of propulsion in navigation or as stirrer or agitator in biotechnology.

Oloid BMW Welt München

Photo: T. Langscheid

The Geometry of Beauty.

An oloid is absolutely harmonious in its shape and style - simply because it has no corners. This particular geometry was developed in 1929 by the sculptor and mechanical engineer Paul Schatz. Made up of two circles, this body convincingly proves that dynamic surfaces may achieve perfect harmony in shape and design.
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Source: BMW